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Ask Jamie

If you’ve always wanted to ask JOB a question, this is for you. Whether it’s how to stay so focused, overcome bad habits or what do I need to do to create loads of spray with my top turn? ASK AWAY. You literally have Jamie in your pocket!

  • How do you stay focused?

  • What's your favourite surfboard?

  • What are your tips for edge control?

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Learn from the best
Learn from the best not the lineup kook

When it comes to surfers, everyone loves to play the guru. We all get advice in the line up, but how do we know what actually works? Get yourself a PROVEN PRO to give you advice in the line up. Start improving your bottom turn so you can actually smash the lip, or, what about creating so much spray it looks like this:

Fully loaded with Jamie’s top tips.

Sometimes you need that little bit more. Jamie runs through the most common problems with each technique to help you NAIL your surfing goals.

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Visualise and do

Jamie improved by watching clips of his favourite surfers over and over and over again. The JOB Surf app has technique specific clip rolls. You want to watch Jamie land his signature backside barrels on repeat so YOU can replicate? We have got you covered!

Success points

There are always key things to remember, for every maneuver, that are so crucial to success you should tape them to your board. At the end of each session in the app, you can save these key points in a super digestible format that you can take anywhere.

New Content

From answers to questions you ask, to new techniques, right through to the best content from other pro surfers, we'll be dropping new content all the time. Our goal is for you to improve your surfing, so you can be more psyched!
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